BEWARE: Typical Carpet Cleaners…

Heads up prospective customer… you get what you pay for. As you’ll see, there are certain basic criteria that MUST be met in order to describe and sell certain carpet care services. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Tucson Monsoon Season is Approaching…

Probably the most confusing and often debated weather event in Arizona is our so called “monsoon”. Just the word conjures up visions of torrential rains and widespread flooding followed by heat and drought. The drastic wet/dry combination is the example that most of us learned about in school. However, the monsoon actually occurs in varying degrees, and ours is marginal, just not as intense as those found in other parts of the world.

Arizona Monsoon

The word “monsoon” comes from the Arabic “mausim” which means “a season.” It was first used to describe the winds over the Arabian sea which blow from the northeast for six months and from the southwest for six months. Over the years, monsoon has been extended to include Europe, Africa and the western coasts of Chile and the United States.

Strong annual variations of temperature over land masses is the primary cause of the monsoon. This causes an excess of high pressure in the cold months and low pressure in the warm months. This deficit of pressure coupled with the storm track well to the north in the summer, allows the tropical moisture to literally be sucked northward toward the lower pressure in the low levels of the atmosphere. The end result is a shift in the winds over an area and enough moisture to trigger seasonal rains.

In Arizona, the process starts with the hot and dry weather of May and June. Usually, the winds are from a dry westerly direction, so humidity is low and temperatures soar above 100 degrees in the deserts. As the atmosphere warms, the jet stream retreats northward. this allows the winds to shift to a more southerly component and bring in the moisture. Most of our humid air comes from the Sea of Cortez, but a good portion also comes from the Gulf of Mexico. Once the moist air arrives, our strong summer sun heats the moist air causing the familiar thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) clouds.

Our monsoon is the most pronounced in southern Arizona and becomes more marginal over northern Arizona. The monsoon lasts longer in the south, usually beginning around the middle of June. In the Phoenix area, the moisture is usually here by the first or second week in July. The end of the hot and humid weather normally comes in the latter half of September state wide.

Statistically, we consider it a “monsoon day” when the average daily dew point is 55 degrees or higher. This can easily be measured and gives us a way of comparing one year to another.

Tucson Monsoons are capable of producing vast amounts of water, very quickly. Mother Nature is always impressive!

Still not convinced? During the dry monsoon (April, May and June) we get only 6% of our normal yearly rainfall. Muddy FootprintsDuring the wet monsoon (July, August and September) we get 32% of our normal yearly rainfall!
Courtesy of Ed Phillips/KTAR Radio

Monsoon Services: Carpet Cleaning or Mildew Smell Elimination
Has “someone” brought in half of the Tucson desert after an outing? Did one of your four-legged friends forget to wipe their paws before they came back in house? Are the stains setting in? Has moist air set in and caused a “mildew” smell that won’t go away? Tried everything and can’t get rid of the smell no matter what you do? No worries. We can help. Cleaning Frenzy utilizes bio-safe green carpet care materials and Quality-grade equipment to deliver the results you desire. Our work is professional grade and 100% guaranteed. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of love and service! In the meantime, stay dry and enjoy Mother Nature’s light, sound and rain show… Cleaning Frenzy will be here when you need us.

Spring Cleaning

Saguaro CactusIt is almost that time of year… Spring. A lot of people wonder why during the spring season there is “Spring Cleaning” and I am here to tell you why, and why out of all seasons, spring is the time to clean.

Spring for a lot of people is the time of year to start off with a fresh new start in life. It could be moving to a new city, or starting up a new hobby. For one, cleaning is apart of getting that new ‘Start’. Now for others, spring is that time of year to clean out all those dust bunnies from underneath the couch, and dust off the dust from all those unused items that are for summer time use. You can also buy a humidifier to help humidify that dry air. Many people don’t know that doing this yearly cleaning is good for their health. During the fall and winter we can’t open our windows and let fresh air come into our homes due to the cold weather. Through out the fall and winter, a lot of dust sets into our homes, and because the sun is not out as much, our homes are pretty much the perfect place to set bacteria. Not to mention that winter is flu season. Also in the winter, the air is very dry due to our heaters, and most of the dust in our homes is from our dry skin.

The sun’s UV rays kill a lot of germs and bacteria that are set inside our homes. There is this old saying that goes “where the sun does not enter, in comes the doctor.” and that is a perfect example to why spring is a great time to start your cleaning. All of that bacteria build up can only lead you to sickness’s and viruses that you would want to avoid at all costs. Open up the windows, pull the blinds up and let the spring sunshine enter your home. Let the small spring breeze air out your home doing it’s natural course and start cleaning out those dust bunnies. Skipping the spring to clean out your house is something I would not recommend. Waiting for the hot summer to clean out your home will only lead you to tiredness quicker and sweaty humid blackouts. Save yourself the trouble and clean in the spring, where it is not too hot, and not too cold for that perfect cleaning weather.